Multiple Myeloma Research Foundation (MMRF) – Donor Impact Report 2023
art direction  •  print design  •  photo research
The MMRF is the largest nonprofit in the world focused on accelerating a cure for myeloma patients. For this project, they approached me seeking a full redesign of previous donor impact reports. The goal was to create a fresh look and feel while still maintaining their specific branding that is familiar to the audience. 

Accelerator magazine - 2023
art direction  •  print design  •  photo research
The marketing team initially had another designer on board for this project, but after feeling displeased with the direction the design was going, they asked if I could step in and perform some design CPR, as it were. This was a big issue for them, celebrating their 25th anniversary as an organization, and they wanted to get it right. I decided it was best to scrap the initial direction altogether and start anew. This was a little risky since I came on board later in the production timeline, but I felt confident I could quickly right the ship. Ultimately, everything progressed smoothly and the team was over the moon about the new design.
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